What will you do?

It is not our fault that people are poor, but it is our responsibility to do something about it.

That’s a line from Richard Stearns’ book, The Hole In Our Gospel. Truth is, it might not be our fault that poverty exists, but it could be our fault that poverty continues to exist. There is enough money in the world to end poverty. I’m not preaching a socialist ‘everyone deserves the same amount of everything message’. I am, however, saying that we have everything we need to end poverty.

This hasn’t always been true.

Think of how hard it must have been in the early 1900s to even know the depths of poverty in Africa. Think of the difficulties associated with traveling to India even in the 1950s. Now is the time to do something about poverty. Never before has this been true. Our generation is the first with everything we need to actually end poverty, will we do it?

We have the money. We have the talent. We have the tools. We have the ability. We have the access. We have the passion. We have the vision. What will we do with it?


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