A Life Overseas

button-alifeoverseas-14I recently did a guest post over at A Life Overseas about the dangers of giving things out for free. When we give things out for free we are usually making poverty worse. Check out the post and let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “A Life Overseas

    • Hey Lana – Thanks for always reading/commenting! Do you mean that I present problems without solutions? I definitely have a tendency to do that and, as much as I dislike it, sometimes that’s required when the solution is bigger than any one person. The solution(s) might be/look completely different in Latin America and SE Asia. Any thoughts?

      • No I think I just have trouble figuring out how to get people from a poverty mindset to self-producing mindset, if that makes sense. I agree that handouts aren’t the long-term answer (and often hinder in the short term), but the mindset is hard to push through. I think Latin America and SE Asia would be the same in this regard although people in parts of SE Asia may be more lazy (or more relax, have a good time as oppose to do something about the problem). Have you seen successful stories in Latin America?

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