Begin with the end in mind: a case study

When 1MISSION first started building houses, it was virtually impossible to choose where we’d build. Every family had a heart-breaking story and every neighborhood was incredibly desperate. To help us decide, I drew two copies of a map of our city. On the first map I drew 20 dots (representing the houses we’d build in the next year) spread out all across the city. On the second map, I drew twenty dots very close to each other. I roughly looked something like this:

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 8.31.31 PM

I asked a few questions while we all stared at these two hand drawn maps. I started with, “what is our purpose here?” Our answers were along the lines of: to build a sense of community, to help neighbors become better neighbors, to grow the local church, and to get people engaged in community service. Of the maps, which will be more likely to accomplish these things?

You see, we were all easily distracted by the blinding need. When we began to picture the desired end result, however, our vision cleared and the answer was simple. Spend a few minutes right now clarifying your vision and picturing a clear desired end result. Are your current programs/methods/projects working exclusively toward that end? Be honest, it’s only hurting those you set out to serve if you aren’t.


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