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I understand sex trafficking is a real problem. I understand it’s happening all over the world. And I understand it is an incredibly dark and profitable industry. What I don’t understand, however, is what to do about it. How can I, a suburbanite living in Phoenix, Arizona, have anything to do with fighting this unspeakable evil? Anyone who has a daughter, as I do, can feel something deep inside of them that absolutely hates this problem. Even if you don’t have a daughter, you can surely feel the shame that this problem heaps on all of our shoulders as participants in a world that allows this kind of darkness to thrive.

All of that said, it’s never something I’ve known much about. I typically try to avoid googling things that will make me severely depressed and I also try to stay away from any personal experiences in worlds like this. The problem with attitudes like mine towards sex trafficking is that if we don’t understand the true problem, it will never get solved. So what can we do?

To get started, read this book and share it with your friends. Next, put it in your mind that this is one of the biggest problems of our day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a missionary, a development worker, a pastor, a construction worker, or an Indian chief. If your heart is beating, this is a problem you need to help solve.¬†


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