The needs around the world are overwhelming. For most of us the needs are paralyzing. The first time I looked over the Mathare Valley in Nairobi, I remember feeling nothing but hopeless.

When we are confronted with these blinding needs, our first response is to just make things better. Give a piece of bread, find water, build a house, or give some clothes. Without knowing it, when we participate in this kind of relief work we are reinforcing poverty. When we are blinded by what is wrong, we miss what is right. This blog is all about serving with eyes wide open. Poverty is not one-dimensional, neither should our solutions be one-dimensional.

Think of this blog as field notes on community development.  I spent three years as Field Director for 1MISSION in the barrios of Northern Mexico. After replacing myself with locals I moved to Phoenix to join our US team as Creative Director.

Why is this blog called Good Mud?  I’m glad you asked.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or want to talk about something development related, leave a comment below.

2012-07-12 11.49.59

Touring co-op fish farms and gardens in San Salvador – July 2012.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Are you still doing missions? What US team were/are you the Creative Director?
    I have a daughter who believes she is called to missions. She has organized several short term trips and joined several other group trips. She needs more long term guidance for a more secure plan. She has been out of college for two and a half years and her heart never leaves the mission field. Any words of advise?

  2. Hi – I actually don’t work there anymore but it was an awesome experience and I can’t speak highly enough about the organization I worked for. Check out 1MISSION.org to learn more about the organization and if she’s really interested I can make sure she gets in contact with the right people. My email is dustin (at) 1Mission.org – feel free to email me with more specific questions or if she wants to talk about missions long term.

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